About The Author

I have called Solebury Township home since I was ten years old.  I love this area along the Delaware.  I more than love it.  I am romantically transfixed with the towns, trees, and waters.  To raise my sons here is a joy that I am thankful for everyday.  We roam the trails and towns with eyes full of wonder and hearts wide open.

I am a lifelong writer.  My poetry has won me several awards and publishing credits.  I have also worked as a ghostwriter of short fiction, published in several languages and nations.  My first novel is near completion, and I keep several blogs – some under pseudonyms I do not publicly claim.

I am also a licensed realtor who works in the same areas represented in this blog.  I adore old homes and love to see restoration projects done well.  Because I value preservation and conservation, I make it my aim to find suitable existing homes for my clients and to help those who wish to protect their open spaces from over-development.

I believe that most of what makes this area special is its small communities and rustic charm.  Exploring these people and places with an appreciation for what they already are promotes the idea that they should be supported and protected, rather than exploited and changed.

To combine my love for this area with my talent for writing and my career in real estate seemed a natural and logical way to merge my passions and expand my reach into these rich and beautiful communities.  I could not be more excited about this blog or the many adventures and interactions it will afford me.